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     BCO Support - Let us deal with your problem

There are three steps to contacting our technical support department for further help

1. Please ensure that you have checked the FAQ section to see if any of these articles answer your question in full.

2. Secondly search our knowledge database for the answer to your query. All you need to do is to add a few keywords an d then click the button.

3. Use the form at the foot of this page to contact the Technical Support Department if points one and two have not helped you.
    BCO Knowledge database

Enter the keywords of your enquiry here to see a list of the most relevant articles.

The results will be displayed here in groups of ten. If the Knowledge database does not answer your question, then simply complete the form at at the bottom of this page and your query will be sent to the technical support department.

    Contact Technical Support

Please be as specific as possible with your support enquiry. If there was an error message associated with your request, please paste it into the comments box below. To enable us to answer your support query, you must specify your master username, along with the first and last letters of the associated password.

All items marked * are required.

IMPORTANT. Please ensure that your details are correct when you complete this form, as our support staff are unable to respond to inaccurate or invalid requests.

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