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     BCO Pricing

BCO pricing is based on the amount of clients you have.-

The Business card ordering system is a low cost option for the ordering and reordering of business cards online. Pricing is based upon the amount of clients you add to the system. For each 10 clients the price rises accordingly.

There are two payment terms offered, monthly and annually, you as our client are welcome to choose which one you require. Discounts are available with the annual payment option.

Edge Impact know that providing Business cards to your clients is not an area of business where the profit margin is great, we have therefore based our prices on a survey carried out across southern England in March 2002. We believe these prices are well worth what Edge Impact provide with the BCO, in order to increase customer loyalty and satisfaction, increase revenue from business cards, as well as decreasing the time and manpower required to produce Each business card and its proof.

     More Information

To get more information regarding BCO please contact us -

We will be happy to discuss your requirements in conjunction with our scale of charges. We are confident we can tailor a charging package which suits your needs.



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