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     Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The Edge Impact BCO system, has been designed to allow you, the printer, to offer a new and unique service to your customers, designed to reduce costly customer interaction and mistakes as well as generating increase revenues, when it comes to producing business cards.

Understandably with any new product in the market place you will have some questions you need answering, that is what this Frequently Asked Questions section is all about.

If you can't find the answer to your particular question listed here, simply send us an Email, and we will do our best to contact you back as quickly as possible with a definitive answer.

     Questions . . .
    . . . And Answers.
How easy is it to sign up for BCO? Top ^

Registering for BCO couldn't be easier. In fact its so simple, you can do it here and now, by completing this form. It only takes 5 minutes. Once we have received your details, one of our Customer Service Representatives will call you back to discuss prices. Alternatively, you can contact one of our sales support team here.

How much will BCO cost me? Top ^

There is a sliding scale of BCO prices, which is dependant upon the amount that your customers use it. Naturally, the more you use the system, the more your profits will rise, however the cost per order placed goes down, therefore you can only gain from investing in and using BCO!

The BCO website looks nothing like my own, how will my clients know they are dealing with me? Top ^

We simply add a link from your website to ours. When your clients click this link they see the BCO website, but branded and coloured as yours is. You have the option to insert your own colour scheme into BCO and change it when and as often as you wish.

Who is behind BCO? Top ^

BCO is run and administered by Edge Impact Consulting Limited, an experienced Internet/Software development and consultation company. Edge Impact provide Internet and software based services to swiss replica watches Blue Chip clients and small businesses from their head office in Reading, Berkshire and have enjoyed an excellent reputation for over 12 years.

Should you wish to contact Edge Impact for any reason, please don't hesitate, whatever the reason.

Is the BCO technology up to current standards? Top ^

Yes, absolutely. All the technology used to run and operate BCO is up to current standards. We employ Active Server Pages (ASP) which allows most web pages you see in the BCO system to change depending upon what you or your client inputs. In this way your clients can enter their details into a form, submit it, then see the results on their Business Card.

All HTML which is created conforms to the W3C guidelines for browser compatibility, and we use the absolute minimum of graphics to ensure speedy page viewing.

I have over one hundred clients, can BCO manage them all? Top ^

In short, yes. BCO can handle thousands of clients and tens of thousands of orders. You can throw as much at BCO as you wish, it can deal with it!

How do I add new business cards to BCO? Top ^

There are two ways of adding new Business Cards to BCO.

Firstly, you can add them yourself. This option requires a good working knowledge of HTML and how it works. You add HTML to a page in BCO, along with a number of key variables. These are interpreted by the BCO system to output your completed Business Card.

Secondly, you may email Business Card Ordering support staff to add a new card for rolex replica you. Please note there is an additional cost involved with this option.

Can I link to BCO from my own website? Top ^

Yes. All you need to do is add a small piece of HTML code to any point or points in your website. This code is quite simple and can be added in a matter of seconds. We will supply this to you once you register. From this point accessing the BCO system from your website, choosing the relevant business card graphic and away they go......

Click here for an example of the links that we will tailor to your website.

How do I get data from BCO to my computer? Top ^

When you enter the BCO system with your User Name and Password, you will be presented with the option to create a report based upon the criteria you supply. This involves dates, clients and card status's. Once this has been done, you are able to generate the data in such a way that you will be able to create a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file, which can be imported into Microsoft Excel and even Quark Express.

Which technology do I need to use BCO? Top ^

The absolute minimum you require to operate BCO is an Internet ready computer, either PC or Mac, and an email address. The PC will allow you to access the BCO website though the Internet to see and retrieve new orders from your customer. The email address is used for alerts of new orders sent directly to you, and if you wish to contact our support or sales channels.

A website is also a handy tool, although this is not compulsory. Placing a link from your website (we supply all the code you need) to the BCO system, is a simple and quick way to get your users integrated. The fact that you may specify the colours of the system your users see makes them feel that they are still in your site, thus boosting your corporate image.

Can my clients add their own orders to BCO? Top ^

Yes. That is the whole idea behind BCO, your clients add, approve and manage their own orders so your staff are free to complete more profitable tasks.


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