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     About Edge Impact and BCO

Edge Impact - consultants to industry since 1989

Edge Impact Consulting Limited consultants have provided consultancy to the IT industry primarily to blue chip clients throughout the UK since 1989.

We have many years software development experience and we are proud to say that one of the products our consultants have developed for a client has generated them in excess of US$10 million revenue from on-selling the product world wide.

Clients have ranged from multinational companies to small businesses and include organisations in the banking, finance, insurance, transport, telecommunication, computing, retail and public service sectors.

     The birth of BCO for the print industry

Consultation with printers...

Edge Impact Consulting have many years experience working in close conjunction with the print industry, in projects which span email and hosting services as well as website optimisation, design and development.

Through Edge Impact's close co-operation with the print industry it became clear that business cards are not an area of business designed to make profit, but a necessary doorway to a client's more lucrative design and print jobs, such as stationery.

We, however, thought that this shouldn't necessarily be the case and devised Business Card Ordering, which reduces manpower and mistakes when it comes to Business Cards.

How does Business Card Ordering work?

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